Havoc Tales and Twists by

Hollywood Hank

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Model A Project is taking a break.....

We have to take a break after working on the model a "a few hrs" the past months. We're gonna have it to sell merch from at NorCal KnockOut, and then it's time for some kind of vacation.......

Friday, June 24, 2011

More Stan Dishong bikes at NCKO "round 2"

We just got the fantastic news that another one of Stan Dishong's old race bikes will be at the show!! It is a '37 Indian Scout Dragster that Stan put the first ever racing slick on. This was back in 1953. The Indian ran mid 11-sec runs day in and day out. A truly wild an amazing bike. This one will be in the display with Stan's other race bikes. You do NOT want to miss this!!!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

October 11:th, at the Home Depot parking in Wisconsin....

"Randy and Zack hadn't had any recent success, and all their alcohol sponsored ideas was shut down. Oh shucks, Randy...we seem to be working in circles here, said Zack while feeling downtrotten and weary.
Well, nothing is more fullfilling then re-painting our old veedub said Randy and the duo was determined to once again achieve greatness, they spent following weekend with spray cans, illegal substance and a stereo blasting out "Hit's Of The 70's"........

August 8;th..they dynamic duo does it again

"Encouraged by their latest success, the duo describes the feeling as if they were walking on clouds. They are the kings of the after work parties at the local O'Learys sports bar and are popping ideas left and right. Check this out, duuudes is, what they said before showing off  their latest invention"

Brainstorming at the office party, July 3:d, 6 pm

"Randy and Zack felt pretty good after a few shots of cheap brandy, and came up with a bold idea of a new hair gel. This is gonna be soo rad, they told each other"

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Time to bring em out and use them..

Cuz, seriously..how many hot rods and such is just sitting in a garage or under a tarp? "Don't have money / time to finish it", "The weather is too bad"..."Something broke and my lazy ass has not fixed it since last summer"
Excuses, excuses.....fix it, drive it, brake it, fix it again and drive it even faster this time!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

THE HOG will be at NorCal KnockOut "Round 2"

One of the most brutal, and legendary bikes built by late Stan Dishong, will for the first time ever be on display at show in Vallejo. Hometown of legendary bike racer, and builder STAN DISHONG!!!!!